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What is LUXE?

Luxe Event Productions, LLC. is Northern & Central Colorado and Southern Wyoming's premier event planning and production firm.  Originally founded in 1994, LUXE will celebrate its 30th anniversary in the event industry in 2024.  So when you choose Luxe Event Productions, you can be confident you are choosing a firm with decades of experience.


We tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients based on location, event size, budget, formality, and any special needs or considerations. Our years of experience, superior customer service, attention to detail, creative ideas, and extraordinary execution the day of the event ensures that the event is all you have envisioned it would be.


Our planning services include wedding & event complete or partial planning, event management (day-of coordination), event design and development, and complete event production (from draping to set-up and tear-down).  The LUXE TEAM is made up of certified event planners who are fun, friendly, energetic and organized people who LOVE weddings and events.


Our rental services include table linens, chair covers, décor, and so much more


We regularly travel all over Colorado and Wyoming and will travel elsewhere upon our client's requests.

We Believe . . .


That classic and elegant go hand in hand.  That sophistication is timeless.  That your wedding should be expertly planned.  That planning a wedding shouldn't be stressful.  That your day should be perfect. And that you and your family should experience your wedding, not coordinate it.


History of Luxe Event Productions


Luxe Event Productions is owned and operated by Elizabeth "Libbi" Alcorn.  Luxe was originally founded in 1994, and was called Elegant Events, In 2014, Elegant Events rebranded and became Luxe Event Productions.  In 2024 LUXE will celebrate its 30th anniversary in the wedding and event industry.


Libbi baked her first cake at approximately 4 years old, and vividly remembers her mother reading the directions to her because she couldn't yet read.  Libbi continued to hone her baking skills and as she got older helped her two grandmothers (who have become somewhat legendary for their parties) plan and host extraordinary events.  Libbi often refers to them as the "original Martha Stewarts (pleural)".  Libbi's mother had worked as a floral designer in college and would create the beautiful arrangements for the family parties.  From Libbi's father, a military fighter pilot turned airline pilot, she learned all about the importance of etiquette, protocol and the holy grail of event planning . . . timelines.  By the time Libbi was in high school, she was baking cakes for family and friends, and occasionally she was "hired" to bake a cake for someone.  This continued into her college days. 


In college Libbi studied Law Enforcement and Criminal justice and Despite having a degree in Law Enforcement that she hasn't used since the early 2000's, two college classes that Libbi has found helpful even now (no, not math) were her Psychology and Sociology classes.  Libbi has found the knowledge she gained was invaluable in dealing with couples who can't agree on particular details of the planning process (like the colors of their flowers) to handling major disagreements with brides and their mothers who have a strong difference of opinion.  One wedding was even in danger of being cancelled and Libbi sat down with the couple and worked everything out.  Libbi saw the bride several months ago and she and her husband now have a darling four year old daughter and are doing great!


Right after college Libbi got a job at an exclusive country club where some of the wealthiest people in the country vacation.  There, watching from the sidelines, Libbi learned how the renowned executive chef paired the various meal courses with the accompanying side dishes and wines.  Again, etiquette, timelines and protocol were front and center.  A major highlight was getting to meet Sandra Day O'Connor, the first female Supreme Court Justice. 


At the same time she was working at the club she also worked a second job as the assistant manager of a small clothing store.  There she learned the fundamentals of retail and all the behind the scenes work that has to be done to make the clothing ready to be sold and make the front of the store appealing to the shoppers.  Assisting the shoppers with their questions and helping them with their purchases as well as general customer service were all skills Libbi learned that she still uses on a regular basis with the rental facet of her business.


Libbi worked at "The Club" until getting a position at the Police Department.  There, she handled both routine and 911 emergency calls.  She would often have to dispatch out the Ambulance/EMS, Police, Fire Department and Search and Rescue simultaneously.  Because of her training in college and training while on the police department she learned not only how to talk to people, help people, find solutions to serious problems and answers to serious questions on a second's notice to managing true emergent situations.  All of this experience has proven to be essential for both the planning process; finding answers quickly, working with people (both the pleasant clients and the no-so pleasant guests after too much alcohol) and of course, quick thinking when one of the guests knocks the cake over and other wedding "emergencies."  That said, having law enforcement training Libbi can handle drunk and unruly guests and calm situations, but plans extensively in advance to avoid things like this at all cost.  If however, something does happen, Libbi has the training, skills and experience to resolve the problem.  And btw, Libbi still does event security occasionally ;-)


During all this the time Libbi had continued baking and a small cake business developed, which she called "Creative Cakes".  About a year into the "Creative Cakes" Libbi found herself spending more and more time on the planning and design process and working with the brides to choose "just the right details".  Her clients and others urged her to add wedding and event planning to her service offerings, which she did and in 1994 "Creative Cakes" became "Elegant Events".  Not too long after that wedding planning was the main focus of the business and then several years later, the cakes were phased out entirely.  In 2014, seeing a need for higher end linens and décor rentals, Libbi expanded the business to include both the linens and one-of a kind décor pieces and rebranded becoming what is now Luxe Event Productions.


Not long after choosing to plan weddings full time Libbi was certified through a wedding planning course approved and accredited through the Association of Bridal Consultants, the standard for excellence in the wedding planning industry.  Since then she has taken other courses and continues to further her training in the event industry regularly.


When designing the event planning packages, in the very early days, Libbi knew that the one thing she wanted most was for her clients to be treated like royalty having learned how to serve ladies and gentlemen at "The Club".  So she chose package names that referred to the British levels of aristocracy commonly referred to as the British Royalty.  Years later, the names still seem relevant and regardless of whether her clients choose the Elite package or the Emperor package her clients choose they are treated to luxe services and treated like royalty


One of the things Libbi really has a knack for is reading her client's "event mind".  "They can tell me a little bit about themselves and I am able to "tell them" what they are thinking about the overall look, feel , etc. of their event without them really expressing it in words.  Kind of like an event planner mind reader, LOL!"  This is why one of her interns said that the Elegant Events "motto" (Elegant, Sophisticated, Perfect) was perfect.  Because the letters are ESP!


Libbi's warm and loving personality makes her easy to work with and as a result is a partner in their planning process and not "just another demanding person who throws checklists and deadlines at my clients".   She truly cares about her clients, their lives, their families, as well as the event, and very often remains friends with her clients long after the event is over.


While she had helped plan dozens of weddings in Wyoming, Libbi's first Wedding in Colorado was for two people.  The groom, a United States Military Serviceman, was stationed in Germany and his beautiful bride to be was with Libbi, and a stand in for the groom, in a tiny courtroom in Walden, Colorado.  The two were married by proxy.  When the judge pronounced them husband and wife, a shriek of cheers came through the phone from the other service men and women who "attended" the ceremony, which was amazing because it was 3am in Germany.  


On the opposite end of the wedding planning spectrum, recently Libbi had the honor of being chosen by Crockett Gillmore, the former tight end of the Baltimore Ravens and Hayley, his lovely bride, to help plan and coordinate their rustic chic Colorado wedding.   


As well as planning weddings and other social events, Libbi has helped with several of the annual Fort Collins Museum of Art Masks Galas, and is honored to have been a sponsor of and helped plan the last 7 annual Sava (Sexual Abuse Victim's Advocacy) Soirees, which raises money to support victims of sexual abuse. 


Libbi has previously been and is currently a member of numerous community event planning organizations, women's business owner organizations and several national event industry organizations.


As a result of the years of experience that Libbi has in the event industry, in 2016 Libbi was ask to serve on the Hospitality Management Program Board of Advisors for Colorado State University for that term.


Libbi can be found on The Knot and Wedding Wire, press in The Coloradoan, The Saratoga Sun, Northern Colorado Community Business Journal and her work can be seen in Lydia's Style Magazine and Colorado Wedding Magazine.


Libbi lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband Ted, and Anna the youngest of her four children, two Chihuahuas, two cats, a horse named Apollo, and a terribly spoiled Black and Tan Coonhound named Emma.  When not spending time with her family she enjoys travel, reading, sewing, needle arts, interior design and organizing everything in sight.

Why Choose Luxe?

  • Over 30 years of collective experience

  • Certified by Association of Bridal Consultants

  • Planned and coordinated hundreds of weddings and events

  • In-house event design

  • Friendly outgoing and helpful staff

  • One of a kind decor and specialty linens rentals in-house

  • Production services: Set-up/tear down, draping, decorating, and beyond 

  • Family owned and operated

  • Military & EMS discounts

Colorado Wedding Planner
“You create the love story;
we create the fairytale beginning!”
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