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Elegant Events Makes Home in Windsor

Community Business Journal ~ June 2001, Page 8. 


After five years of doing business in Wyoming, Elegant Events owner Libbi [Alcorn], has moved her business to Windsor, Colorado. Elegant Events is a full-service wedding consulting and event coordinating service, offering a variety of services for wedding ceremonies and for wedding ceremonies and receptions, parties, birthday celebrations, graduation parties, baby showers, holiday and office party, and everything in between.


The Elegant Events business got started because many of Libbi’s former clients lived in a remote area. “Just to look for a particular item could be frustrating when they had to drive to several different towns,” said Libbi, “When we moved here, we saw that there are more than enough places to get services. However, people have to contend with traffic, and their time is limited. Our idea is to eliminate the hassle of planning these events for people who already have enough to do with their jobs and busy personal lives, “Libbi still serves all of Southern Wyoming and now Northern Colorado and surrounding areas.


Over the years, Libbi has been involved with many different and unusual situations, “I was once involved in a wedding by proxy where [my ex-husband] stood in for the groom who was an armed forces officer stationed in Germany,” said Libbi. “That was probably the most interesting of our experiences.”


Elegant Events is a one-stop shop for brides-to-be, their mothers and all other party planners. Support services that are offered, in addition to the consulting services which include coordinating the vendors, services such as fresh flowers, music, photography and catering. Also available are custom wedding accessories, custom-made bridal veils and headpieces, custom silk flower arrangements, invitation assembly, addressing services and much, much more.


“We are already planning more additions to our services in the very near future,” stated Libbi. There is not a huge inventory yet, but they plan to add pieces as they go. Currently, they are adding two arches and two canopies, one with a garden style and one with a more elegant style.


Libbi makes the custom wedding cakes and all occasion cakes, which Elegant Events became known for in Southern Wyoming. She does everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Her cakes have included the famous Tiffany (jewelry store) boxed cakes with gum past flowers and luscious fondant ribbons.


Tablecscapes are also done by Libbi, which can be a theme-oriented place setting or just a formal black and white table setting. She can do everything from the elegant twosome to the elaborate tables for 200 or more.


An article in winter 1999-2000 magazine Martha Stewart Weddings summed up the reasons for hiring a firm like Elegant Events: Hiring a wedding coordinator was once a luxury. Today, for many couples, it’s a necessity. Planning a wedding is more complicated than ever, now that most brides and grooms don’t meet and marry in the same hometown. Both the bride and the groom usually want to be involved in the arrangements but are often preoccupied with work or school. They have high expectations of their wedding, but are novices at organizing such big events. Not only can a wedding coordinator handle the time-consuming, stress-inducing details, but he or she can also help make the planning itself an enjoyable experience (p.130).


Fees for a consultant may seem like a waste of money-money you might prefer to spend on more flowers, music, and champagne for the reception. But think of it this way: A good wedding coordinator is like a good accountant. Even though you pay for her services, in the long run, she saves you time and money. And that translates into a happier and more relaxed wedding day for you (p. 136).


“The same holds true for any type of event,” Libbi say. “People want fabulous parties but just don’t have time to pull it all together. That is where we come in. We tailor our services to the needs of each particular client. The thing we don’t want to do is run the show if you don’t want us to. We can do as little or as much as our client would like.”


By Gay Day Alcorn

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