Making Your Guests Feel Comfortable

February 7, 2015


Although the wedding day is entirely about the couple getting married, the guests that attend the wedding can make or break the special day. Often, guests travel from far away or make special arrangements to be at a wedding. It is important that your guests feel welcomed, special, and comfortable while attending your wedding. Not to be overlooked, we have a few suggestions for making your guests comfortable throughout the entire wedding!

  • Include detailed in formation in your invitations. For guests who may be unfamiliar with the area that the ceremony and reception are in, make sure you include maps and directions with your invitation so that they are not spending all their time trying to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B without running into traffic, getting lost, or wasting their phone battery trying to get directions. Include accommodation information as well so that guests know where to stay and if you have rooms blocked off at certain hotels. Some couples choose to include song request areas on the RSVP cards so that the guests can suggest songs beforehand and not in the middle of the reception. Since the invitations are such a key part of the wedding and can leave an impression on your guests, make sure that the invitations are easy to read and clear about the information and details for your wedding!

  • For guests that are staying at hotels, consider doing a welcome basket. Include some treats, important information about the area, “must-see” places, and a note from you as a couple. Some couples have fun with this idea and include Tums (for after all that delicious food that they consumed at the wedding), little bottles of alcohol, scavenger hunts, and homemade cookies. Welcome baskets don’t have to be expensive or detailed but guests will appreciate your thought and it is comforting to have something special when visiting a new area.

  • For guests who may not know many people at your wedding, consider doing a sheet of fun facts and bios of the wedding party in the ceremony programs. This will help guests get to know who is standing with you on your big day, give them something to make conversation about, and help relieve some of the potential awkwardness when you are introducing your great aunt Louise who loves her cat, Tuffy, to your maid of honor, who was your college roommate andhas a cat named Fluffy.

  • Personal thank you notes are one of the best ways to make your guests feel comfortable and special after your wedding. Be prompt in sending out your thank you notes, but make sure that each one is special to the person that you’re sending it to.

Like we said before, your wedding day is all about you, as a couple. Your guests are there to celebrate you. However, you don’t want your guests to walk away from your wedding feeling like thy were unwelcome or uncomfortable. We’ve suggested just a few ways to increase guest comfort at your wedding, do you have any other ideas? Let us know!

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