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Bridal Show Tips & Tricks- Bridal Labels

We recently noticed a trend while at a bridal show. However, unlike shoulder pads and twerking, we think this one will stay around for a while. It’s not a new color trend, or a delicious new cake flavor. It is an effortless way for brides to get their information out to vendors, wedding planners, and about everyone else that needs to know details about the upcoming wedding.

We are talking about bridal labels. A brilliant little idea that saves the bride time and energy that is otherwise spend writing the same details at every single vendor that you visit. A full sheet of these nifty little labels can get you through a bridal show in half of the time without getting carpal tunnel from repeatedly writing the same information down.

Some of the labels we have seen are decorated in the wedding colors or include details such as where the wedding is taking place. We can’t get over what a brilliant idea it is to have these labels! For those brides who haven’t gotten on the bridal label train yet, we have some suggestions for what to include on the labels.

Your name (we hope that is an obvious one)

Your groom’s name

Your wedding date

Your email address

Your phone number

Your home address

All these basic things will answer almost every question on the information slips and give you more time to spend talking with the vendor than writing out your details.

What do you think? Is this a creative way to get your information out to vendors? Have you used them before?

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