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How to Create a Wedding Guest List

After so many years of meeting new people, friends from childhood, and large families, it can be difficult to decide who to invite to your wedding. This can be one of the hardest details when planning your wedding. You don't want anyone to feel left out, but you also need to remember each guest costs more money and you need to stick to your budget.

Before making any decision of who to invite, you need to create a set number of guests you can invite. A large factor on this number will be your venue. Venues have a maximum amount of people they can hold, usually you will decide your number before you choose a venue, but many people are dead set on their venue and need to base their number of guests on how many people it holds.

After you know the total number of guests that can invite due to venue limitations, the guest list should be divided into thirds. The bride and groom will get 1/3 of the number, the bride's family gets another 1/3, and the groom's family will get the other 1/3 of the number. This is important because many brides and grooms forget to do this and then one side of the family may end up with a lot more guests than the other.

Once you are able to decide on the number of guests to invite and you understand how many guests each side of the family gets, you need to make a list of people you MUST invite. This may include relatives, close friends, parent's friends that they insist on inviting, and those you could not picture your special day without. During this process it is important to communicate between your parents as well as your groom so you do not add the same people on multiple lists.

Once you have this primary list, you need to make sure you go through the list and decide which of these guests will have a plus one. You don't need to give everyone a plus one, but you usually if you know their significant other or they are in a serious relationship they should receive one, but you will have to make this decision based on your amount of guests and each individual you are inviting.

If you still have more space after you added these plus ones to your list you can begin to add guests that you would also love to see on your special day. Of course the number of guests that you could possibly invite can be endless, it is up to you to decide which of these guests are most important. As this process can be hard, there are many "maps" on Pinterest that can help you narrow this list down even more.

Overall, what matters most is to have everyone who means most to you to help you celebrate your love and new marriage! So get out a piece of paper, take some time, and invite those special individuals who will remember this day for the rest of their lives!

As this can be a complicated process, don't forget that if you decide to have a wedding planner, they will always be by your side to help you figure this all out!


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