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Can I have a non-traditional wedding? Absolutely!!!

In this era, it seems as though most weddings you see are very traditional. This may mislead you to believe that nontraditional weddings are not "in" anymore.

If you have ideas of doing a non-traditional wedding, we can show you that you can still have everything you have dreamed of even if it strays away from these traditional weddings, you may see the most.

Here are a few ideas to create that non-traditional wedding you have dreamed of:

1. Have your ceremony in a place other than a church

2. Wear your favorite color wedding dress rather than the normal white dress

3. If you do this, you can even have your bridesmaids dress in white!

4. Carry a different special item instead of flowers- this can be a puppy, a fern, feathers, or a candle

5. Create your own flower center piece using buttons and lace, decorated wine bottles, or potted plants

6. Wear your favorite pair of shoes, converse, or vans instead of heals

7. Have a man of honor instead of maid of honor to have your best guy friend or brother by your side

8. Mix it up! Get a different form of dessert instead of a normal wedding cake.

9. Forget catering, cook your own food for your reception or have a family member cook.

10. Another thing you can do for the theme of your wedding, is to have the wedding be all around casual. This can apply to your venue, dresses, and suites (or lack of), decorations and setting.

In the past, LGBTQ weddings have always been a controversial topic in our world today. Thankfully now they are becoming more widely accepted and common. Currently, weddings are becoming increasingly about a celebration of life and love rather than focusing on the gender of the couple. Because of this, couples are now planning semi-traditional weddings while focusing on their individualities.

Here is a photo of the beautiful commitment ceremony Luxe planned for Michelle and Valerie before LGBTQ marriages were legal- today they are happily and legally married!

We would love to help you create this special day for you both.

LUXE has been planning events for over 25 years and has the experience and knowledge to meet your every need during the planning process. We also customize our services and coordination plans to fit any budget.

We would love to treat you to a complimentary consultation to discuss the vision of your dream day and see how we can best help you along the way. Our wedding planners will exceed your expectations and do everything we can to create your fairy tale ending! Find out how we can help you plan your special day!

"You create the love story;

we create the fairytale ending!"

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