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Wedding Manager vs. Venue Coordinator

Planning a wedding focuses on many different details that a bride may not be able to do on her own. Many venues offer a venue coordinator so this must be the same thing as a Wedding Manager/Planner right?

This is actually quite wrong. There are different jobs both of these people can do to help you create your dream wedding.

We are here to share some insight on the differences between a Wedding Manager verses a Venue Coordinator.

The Venue Coordinator

Many brides believe that if their venue comes with a coordinator, that they do not need a Wedding Manager, (also known as a wedding coordinator). The venue coordinator will do a good job assisting you on your big day and help you with details at the venue, but there is much more planning that needs to be done that they do not help with. Here are the details a Venue Coordinator will assist you with:

  • The venue coordinator works only for the venue, only allowing limited assistance on your wedding day

  • They work on the details related to the venue

  • They will usually be your first contact from the venue

  • They showcase the venue

  • Their job is to act as a liaison and salesperson for the property

  • Also act as a liaison between the Wedding Manager and the venue

  • Plan menu tastings if catering is on-site

  • Handle your Banquet Event Order

  • Coordinate room setup and clean up with on site employees

  • Foresee the rules and regulations of the venue

  • Create a general timeline for the event based on what the venue needs

  • They will prepare and distribute the final bill for the bride and groom

  • Once the cake is cut, usually the venue coordinator will be done with their responsibilities

The venue coordinators will do a good job with anything pertaining to the venue, including checking on the food service, beverages, and managing the staff, but the extent of the assistance provided is limited on your special day.

Wedding Manager

Even though there are many details the venue coordinator will help you with, there are details that you will need additional assistance with. The venue coordinator will not go with you to your cake or floral appointments, check if the linens match the flowers or help you with your overall wedding design.

A Wedding Manager (also known as a day-of coordinator) is a wedding planner you can hire for your wedding day. Unlike a complete wedding planner a wedding manager starts working with you much closer to the event, usually six to eight weeks before the wedding. They do not plan everything, but are very hands on and help make sure things are fixed beforehand.

Here are the details a Wedding Manager will help you with:

  • The Wedding Manager will be there to offer advice on ANYTHING you need for your wedding, not just details at the venue.

  • Their main job is to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible before and especially on your wedding day

  • They will make sure you have planned your wedding perfectly and make sure no details were overlooked

  • Will help you create a comprehensive timeline for everything that needs to be done before and on your wedding day

  • Make sure the bride and groom do not miss any important deadlines

  • They will ask the small detailed questions to make sure you have thought of everything you could possibly need.

  • Often brides choose to have their ceremony at a different location than the reception. A wedding manager will be with you at both locations.

  • Reviews contracts for the bride and helps you stay within your budget

  • Gives recommendations for locations, floral arrangements, decor, caterers, and more event professionals.

  • Help with vendor contact forms, floor plans, set up outlines and MC scripts.

  • Be a liaison between you and all your vendors and attend meetings you may have with them.

  • Help give inspiration and create themes for your wedding.

  • Assist with any family matters and wedding etiquette.

  • They will be there to help with all parties in the wedding including families and the bridal party

  • Help set up personal decorations and make sure everything looks perfect

  • They will be there bright and early the morning of the wedding, ensuring your hair and makeup is complete and you are staying on your schedule.

  • Oversee the vendors at the venue

  • Help plan the ceremony with the officiant

  • Insure that all vendors arrive on time

  • Organize the wedding lineup and cue walking times

  • They will also help keep your reception on track with cutting the cake, toasts, and the bouquet toss

  • Wedding managers have backup plans in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, they will have a solution

  • Will always carry emergency kits with them, lists of suppliers, and contact details

  • Most importantly, your wedding manager will be there to make sure you can relax and enjoy your special day

LUXE has been planning events for over 20 years and has the experience and knowledge to meet your every need during the planning process. We also customize our services and coordination plans to fit any budget.

We would love to treat you to a complimentary consultation to discuss the vision of your dream day and see how we can best help you along the way. Our wedding planners will exceed your expectations and do everything we can to create your fairy tale ending! Find out how we can help you plan your special day!

"You create the love story;

we create the fairy tale ending!"

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