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A Guide to Seasonal Color Schemes for Your Wedding!

Many people know that certain colors go better in certain seasons. This can affect which colors you may choose for your wedding. But the question is, how do I know which colors to put together for my wedding?

Once you know the date of your wedding, you can begin to decide what colors might look best in that season. Of course, there are hundreds of color schemes that work in different seasons, we have picked out a few of our favorites and the most popular.


Spring is the perfect time to add those beautiful colors that are just starting to flourish from wintertime with lots of green. It is quite common to use calm colors like white, nude, teal, and pink.

Here is an image from a Wild Basin Lodge. It has the perfect colors for a spring wedding with light colors that glow in this beautiful venue.



During the summer, some beautiful colors that are popular are bright purple, orchid, lilac, and blush. Below we have an example of a gorgeous bouquet with light pink, greens, and a light accent of purple.



Fall color schemes tend to have more colors that are bright and bold.

Here you can see a color scheme perfect for the fall that we love including the colors dark red, purple, yellow and green.



Winter is a perfect time to use colors like navy blue, burgundy, tan and white. These colors can be used in bouquets, decor, and even suits and dress!

When planning your wedding, there are hundreds of colors you can put together to have a beautiful color scheme! Considering the seasonal colors during the time of your wedding can be important, but mostly importantly you should pick colors you love!


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