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Flowers: Friends or Foes?

Depending on your personal preferences, flowers can be a large part of any wedding. From bouquets and boutonnieres to aisle runners and centerpieces, flowers are a large part of decorations for many weddings and can eat up a large part of your budget.

In order to save money and save your mind, as well as give you the best flowers for your wedding, keep in mind flowers that will be in season during your wedding. Even popular flowers like Hydrangeas, Peonies, and Ranunculus have peak seasons where they will be more plentiful and cheaper than the rest of the year.

David Tutera has article that allows you to pick your wedding month and see what flowers are in season for your upcoming wedding that you can see here.

The Knot also has a great article that shows some of the most popular wedding flowers and when they are in season that you can see here


Another great thing to keep in mind is that silk florals are a great way to have your dream flowers without going over your wedding budget. But there is nothing that beats the look and feel of real flowers on your big day! It is always important to talk with your florist and wedding consultant about what your dream is and what is doable within your budget.

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