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10 Questions to Ask Before Picking Your Venue

When it comes to events, venues are probably at the top of the priorty list. I mean, if you don’t have a venue, then you can’t really have an event. A lot of times people go into a venue, fall in love with it, and sign some papers right then and there. That is a mistake that could cause you some major headaches in the long run. In order to pick a venue best suited for you and the event, there are some questions that are important to ask yourself.

1) What is your priority? In other words, what do you want to spend the most money on? It is up to you to decide what has the biggest priortity in your event. If having a spectacular venue is the most important thing to you and you want to spend the most on it, then I say “GO BIG OR GO HOME!”

2) Does it fit in your budget? This is one of the first questions to ask yourself when it comes to any aspect of an event. If the venue is not within your budget you should probably just throw it out the window and move on to the next one.

3) How many people can the venue comfortably fit? The last thing you want is your guest complaining about how everyone is in each other’s personal bubble due to lack of space. Make sure you have an idea of how many guests you are going to invite before you look for a venue, so that you can pick one that will accomodate them all.

4) Does the venue fit any special accomodations your guests may need? If you have any guest that need any special accomodations such as wheel chair ramps, elevators, or handicap parking, it is important to make sure that those accomodations are met by the venue you choose.

5) Is the venue full service? A lot of times venues offer full service. What full service means is that it provides all or most services for an event. This could include linens, decor, entertainment, and catering. Also make sure you know whether or not a full service venue is something that appeals to you or not.

6) Does the venue have any restrictions? You always want to make sure you are aware if the venue has any restrictions. Some venues do not allow you to bring your own caterer or alcohol, and if that is something that is important to you, then you have to keep that in mind. Make sure you do some research on the venue’s policies before you go and visit them.

7) Does it match the theme or style of your wedding? If you are having a Great Gatsby themed wedding you definitely don’t want to have your wedding on a ranch or a barn. You’d want something overtop, glamourous, and grand. It is important you look for venues that match your event’s overall vision.

8) How long do you have the venue? The last thing you want to do is tell your guests the party is over when the party has only just begun. Make sure the venue you pick allows you to have your event for the number of hours you feel would be best for the occassion. Some venues charge you more for each extra hour you want, so make sure that it stays within your budget as well.

9) How accessible is the venue? You want to make sure the venue you choose is easily accessible for your guests. Keep in mind how far the venue is from the ceremony space, the highways, and the hotels your guests are staying in. Another thing to keep in mind is how busy does it get around the time you are having your event. If the venue is in the middle of the city you can expect traffic especially at certain hours of the day.

10) How did you feel? When you first visited the venue, was it love at first sight or did you absolutely hate it? Picking a venue you love is important, especially if it’s for your big day. If the venue doesn’t make you excited for the event, chances are it isn’t the venue for you.

Now that you have asked yourself these 10 questions, I think it safe to say you are on your way to picking a fabulous venue. Happy venue hunting to you all!

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