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Hiring a Wedding Planner by Maria McBride Mellinger

Imagine having the perfect wedding but without endless meetings, negotiations, and searches for the right setting, menu, and flowers. Sound tempting? Then hire a good wedding consultant. Troubleshooter, organizer, fiscal wizard, and diplomat, a consultant will get to know you and your groom and your wished, then bring your fantasy to life. Out-of-town brides, busy career couples, those hoping to control expenses without sacrificing style, and couple who want to relax and enjoy the planning process and their wedding day should all consider the benefits of hiring a consultant.

A consultant can design an impressive affair that is true to your personality and original in spirit. Most consultants are skillful negotiators with access to business-to-business discounts: because she (yes, the overwhelming majority of wedding consultants are women) is a professional wedding planner, vendors are especially eager to retain her good will. A wedding consultant has access to the best supplier and the ability to anticipate and sidestep problems and plan back-ups; she isn’t flustered by mishaps, and keeps you blissfully unaware of minor glitches.

Most consultants are problem solvers by nature and will act as emissaries, inspecting he reception room in advance and seeing to the smallest details. After the event, the consultant can arrange for returns of rentals, settle any breakage charges, and ensure that your cleanup is efficiently handles. A consultant may be booked to orchestrate an entire event or by the hour as a wedding-day coordinator – a valuable extra pair of hands when they are needed most. She can be as involved or as uninvolved as you desire.

Be sure the consultant you hire has solid experience and positive references (ask if the bride would hire the person again). You will want to know she has managed a wedding of your size, has no schedule conflict, and will be in attendance on your wedding day if you desire.

The Perfect Wedding by Maria McBride Mellinger

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