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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner: David Letterman

Happy Friday! After a week of hard work, we are always looking for a few good laughs! Here is one of our favorites.

Even David Letterman, a man well-known for his late night talkshow and his wise-craking jokes, admits that most couples need wedding planners for their big days!

Top Ten Reasons They Should Have Hired a Wedding Coordinator From the Tonight Show with David Letterman

10. The DJ called to ask for a ride since he wasn’t old enough to drive.

9. The bride sent her fiancé out for tulle and her returned with a plumbing wrench.

8. The wedding cake did the “Electric Slide” after two hours in front of the bay window.

7. Between her job and planning the wedding, the bride worked 465 days last year.

6. The cat is throwing up lace balls.

5. They used 18 tanks of gas and wore out two pair of tennis shoes interviewing vendors.

4. The dog moved in with the neighbors until after the wedding.

3. The local drugstore ran out of Valium the week of the wedding.

2. The bride’s parents ran away from home.

And the number one reason they should have hired a wedding coordinator is…

1. Their $15,000 wedding came to $51, 794.87!

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