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Little Princes & Princesses

Flower girls and ring bearers can be little show stealers during a wedding and who can blame them!? Those adorable children are part of your big day for a reason, and they deserve their own special moment as part of your wedding party. We scoured Pinterest looking for the cutest flower girl and ring bearer ideas and have brought them here for you!

This little charmer makes your wedding more fun and humorous with his safe-cracking skills. A play headset completes the look and will have all your guests asking where they can get your secret service for their next event!

We absolutely love this star of the show! Having a photo where they are the center of attention really allows them to feel like they have a huge part in your day and makes a great gift to his parents as a thank you.

For both the flower girl and ring bearer, it can be fun to have them hand out something different. We love how enthusiastic this little boy is about passing out these lollipops to the guests!

Tutu dresses are one of the cutest trends in the wedding world! We love how they make the flower girls stand out and look like little fairy princesses. These dresses can also be DIY or can be purchased from Etsy.

We love this picture for flower girls or junior bridesmaids. It’s a fun picture to keep for the young girl until she is older and would make a great high school graduation present. Plus, it gives you a great excuse to act silly right before you walk down the aisle!

What do you think? What would you like to do for your special flower girl or ring bearer?

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