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Rustic versus Vintage

Even though we seem to be in the midst of a very cold February, wedding season is quickly approaching. A quick search of the top trends for 2015 weddings has Rustic and Vintage wedding themes at the top of the list. Although the two themes can have similar pieces, they are two entirely different themes for weddings.

While both weddings can take place outside, the main focus of a rustic wedding is the outdoors. Rustic weddings often pull design details from barns, ranches, and woods. It seems that recently nature inspired décor. A detail that is significant for rustic weddings is the homemade or DIY aspect that seems to be the showstopper. Hand painted wooden signs and simple mason jars filled with wild flowers and tea light candles are staples of almost every rustic wedding. For rustic weddings, the groom and groomsmen can choose to be more casual in khakis and even jeans. Cowboy boots are a fun touch for the wedding party and can be more practical for a rustic outdoor wedding.

A vintage wedding is usually defined by one time period. When planning a classic vintage wedding, the details all fall into soft colors and elegant lace. Family heirlooms are a great way to add personal touches to a special day. For vintage weddings, the settings can be in elegant French Quarter like venues or closer to heart with a backyard wedding. Having personal details that come from the families of the couple is a unique way to add detail to a vintage wedding. Pictures from grandparent’s weddings or old postcards are unique table markers. Old birdcages, teacups and lace are all beautiful ways to decorate a vintage wedding.

There are no hard and fast rules about having a vintage or rustic wedding and the two can easily be combined to create a gorgeous rustic vintage wedding. Some details of vintage weddings can be used in rustic weddings and vice versa. If you are choosing to have a theme at your wedding, make sure that you keep the theme the entire way though and not just randomly placing decorations that don’t make sense and can distract from the most important part of the wedding- you!

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